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The Mini-Yogis

Downward Facing Dog

Sarah (age 5): Ow. This hurts my bones.

Anna (age 5): Can we do the lying down one now?


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Still Going…

I’ve discovered that yoga is addictive. Since I bought that video one month and one week ago, I’ve been practicing every day, even when I can’t watch the dvd. I hear Patricia Walden’s voice in my head, and I say things like “sitting bones” and “savasana.” Creepy. I know. But my back feels strong, and my tummy is flatter, and I’m a tiny bit more flexible now. I don’t even have to sweat or grapevine. Yeah, I’m a fan.

So according to the Rules of New Hobbies, I am now eligible to purchase hobby-related paraphernalia (such as a mat to prevent injury and consequential breach of yoga law), having passed the one-month mark with sustainable interest. My next virtual teacher will be Rodney Yee (and also Patricia Walden, because she’s all I know) on the A.M. and P.M. Yoga for Beginners dvd. But not yet. I’m just getting comfortable with Proud Warrior.



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I’ve been mulling this over lately.

And on a side note, this is Mark toned way down, for a Texan crowd. He’s not so sedate in Seattle. Seriously.

Two Enemies

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Lake Day

I swam! In a lake! The last time I swam I was pregnant with twins. I don’t think I’ve even owned a swimsuit since then. But yesterday I swam! In a lake! And I can float now! Which means I have a higher BMI than the last time I swam! But I can float now!

Jason planned a long family afternoon on a secluded beach, complete with life jackets for the kids so that I wouldn’t be paranoid the entire time. Jonah kept saying, “Catch me, water! I pop up!” because Jason told him that the life vest gave him “swimming powers.” Naiah played about six inches from dry ground, which made me very happy, while the girls doggie-paddled for the first time to retrieve balls from deeper water (in their life vests, of course), which made Daddy very happy. And no one drowned.


Tired, damp, happy.

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This bush is called a Snowball. Our neighbors tell us that the previous owner planted it in our front yard about ten years ago.

I ask you: If you lived in a place where snowfall was measured in feet and, on occasion, buried entire towns, would you want to be reminded of it come Spring?

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Testosterone Only

When Grammie and Papa came to visit, Papa gave Jonah a monster truck that explodes on impact. They spent all evening destroying, assembling, and destroying again. The longer they played, the deeper Jonah’s voice became, until he was practically growling every time, “Ha! I did it!”

Anna came downstairs in her Dora the Explorer nightgown. She said, “Ooh, can I try?”

Jonah growled, “No. You look like a princess right now.”


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Graffiti Editor

On a shed down the alley:

It wasn’t me.


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