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There’s something intensely satisfying about hearing your child whine, “Nooooo! I just washed that!”


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I just noticed that Ella’s word for nursing sounds a lot like the Cantonese word for ‘crazy’.

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Yesterday I was sitting in the living room talking to my mom on the phone. From the other end of the hall I heard Anna yelling, “NO! NO, Ella! STOP!”

And just then I looked up to see Ella (aka the seventeen-month-old, formerly known as the sweet little baby)  tearing down the hall and around the corner with Anna’s math paper in her hand, and Anna right on her heels. A brief wrestling match ensued. Anna won. Ella huffed.

I think a new chapter has begun.

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On the phone last night. . .

Jason: Well, Jonah, are you keeping up with your school work?

Jonah (age 6): Yeah. . .

Jason: And are you being good and helping your mom?

Jonah: I don’t want to brag.

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Okay, so I failed to blog February. My archives will not list it in the sidebar. It didn’t happen. Maybe later I’ll publish a post or two that I wrote and saved that month. I’m not sure if it will show up as February or not, but it would be nice if there wasn’t a gap there. That bugs me. I’m a bad blogger. And a bad blog friend.  Sigh.

There hasn’t been much to report. The kids and I continue to live in our quiet little limbo pocket, just schooling, cleaning, and hanging out at home. Jason is still in Austin, putting out resumes and applications left and right while he takes care of his mom. He has had one interview so far, which is frustrating for him, but he presses on. He’s also working on a Linux engineer certification that would qualify him for a whole other list of job openings. He tests for that in two weeks.

The kids and I spent Valentine’s Day weekend visiting Jason and Pearl and the very cool crowd at the church plant in Manor that Jason has joined. Two of the church families shuffled around so that we could have a house to ourselves all weekend with the kids. It was heaven. And we spent lots of grown-up time out and about with other grown-ups having all kinds of fun, while the kids played with new babysitting-age friends at the house. It was so exciting to catch a glimpse of our life and work there; the community group meeting that night was unbelievably refreshing and made me so hopeful. It was tough to leave. I’m looking forward now, even more, to finally being back under one roof together there.

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