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Eden, the Sequel

While the cake was cooling tonight, Naiah and Jonah snuck into the kitchen and picked the entire top clean off. When they were discovered, Jason decreed that they would have not a crumb of that cake either tonight or tomorrow or the next day, should it tarry. And there was weeping and gnashing of teeth. Then Jonah wailed, “But Naiah gave it to me!”


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Well, That Explains It

Otherwise Entitled “Holy Crap” or “Coming Soon to a Nation Near You”

We’ve been watching an exponential increase in the persecution of believers in certain parts of India over the last five or six years. Besides the explosive growth of indigenous house churches there, I haven’t found much to account for the escalation of violence.

Tonight I happened across this:

“Conversion Is an Act of Violence,” by Swami Dayananda Saraswati

Aha. That would do it. If telling your neighbor about Jesus is a violent act, then coming home to a torched house and an angry mob the next day is perfectly understandable.

The problem with the swami’s argument is that he purports a 19th century notion of a Western missionary arriving in Western attire to deliver a Western gospel and decimate an Asian culture. But in reality, the vehicle for the burgeoning Asian church is Asian believers, who wear Asian clothing, who hold to a biblical gospel free of westernization, who walk next door and speak their Asian language to their Asian neighbors over Asian cuisine about Jesus. And if they are outwardly hurt because of their faith, they are inwardly all the more joyful. They’ll tell you so themselves, from their prison cells, and ask you to pray for their guards. I can see how that might frustrate the “non-aggressive” Hindu militias who dragged them there.

You can keep up with the latest news here.

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I’ve been doing real yoga this week, as opposed to the “Pilates-Infused Yoga” video from Big Lots (and I still don’t know what made it yoga and what made it Pilates, since I’ve never done either by itself). I’m using the beginner’s DVD from Gaiam.

It’s surprisingly like karate in the footwork and the spinal alignment, but without the beatings and subsequent bruises. In fact, I found out that the first rule of yoga is “Hurt no living thing.” Now let’s see. . . I am a living thing. So I interpret this to mean that when I do yoga I’m not allowed to hurt myself. It’s against the rules. Since I’m the most inflexible person I know, I have to butcher the poses to avoid injury. But it feels soooooo good when I’m done. And when I wake the next morning, I can feel the effects instantly.

The only bummer (minor bummer) is that I have this restless energy in my back that I can’t seem to lose. But hey, it beats pain, and I sit up straighter and feel lighter and have lots more energy. Plus, it’s the only workout video I’ve seen that puts you to sleep at the end. I like that.



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Almost Two


Evidence That the Dark Year Approacheth

Exhibit A: Golden Dragon.

Naiah found Jonah’s beloved knight costume on the floor. She began to put it on, but instead she ripped the plastic dragon crest from his breastplate. Then she opened the front door and threw it outside.

Exhibit B: Spatula

Naiah took the black nylon spatula from the kitchen counter. She promptly whacked Sarah on the head. Sarah fled, wailing. Naiah pursued until Sarah was trapped in a corner, and continued to whack until Mommy thwarted her.

I would like my baby back.

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The girls helped me make the cornbread last night. They dumped in cups of flour, corn meal, milk, etc. Then they stirred and poured, and we popped it in the oven.

Sarah: How many seconds until it’s done?

Me: I don’t know. . . somewhere between 1200 and 1800.

Anna: Sissy. Only the cornbread knows when it’s done.

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Can I play base-a-ball?

— Naiah, 22 months, upon finding a metal bat



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Tee Ball!







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