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Okay, so we’re not very scary. But here are the halloweeny pics from tonight.

And let me tell you: getting these people to NOT pose can be quite a challenge. Buncha hams!

Raphael (with a broadsword, yes, so inauthentic, I know):

Flower Princess Anna:

Flower Princess Sarah:

Flower Princess Naiah:

That smile reminds me of Gretel Von Trapp, from The Sound of Music.

Ella went as a cranky baby kept out past bedtime. She was coddled and admired all the same, from the comfort of her sling.

The girls were originally supposed to be flower fairies, but apparently Jason has something against fairies, so we changed to princesses. Cause we’re flexible like that. People still called them fairies. The girls were quick to correct that notion.

All in all, we had fun, and stayed inside at a nearby festival with lots of candy and games and giant inflatable laser tag. Because this year, although it wasn’t as frozen as it’s been on previous Halloweens, it was raining and yucky and not a good night for walking the town trick-or-treating. Thank goodness for the indoors and talented festival organizers!


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I beg your pardon.

I was feeling kind of giddy on the way home from Awanas tonight. I started kidding around and singing in an obnoxious operatic voice with the kids.

Anna (age 7): Mommy, why are you acting like that? It’s not your style!

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Our property manager says that the landlord might let the property slip into foreclosure in the next few months.

So I guess we’ll be moving a few blocks. Again. Soon.


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And a little scrunched up in the neck.

Miss Ella Jo (8 weeks):

She’s not a big smiler yet, but she certainly means it.

I think she might grow up believing her name is Misela, because I can’t seem to call her plain old “Ella” for some reason. It confounds my other kids.

And it seems I have failed to mention that this child has slept every night since her first. The past few weeks, she sleeps eight or nine continuous hours, and then comes to bed with me around 5 a.m., nurses, and goes back to sleep until late in the morning. It is too much to hope for. I am spoiled beyond measure. Every time I get pregnant, I think, Oh, THIS will be the colicky one. And instead I get this. It is not conducive to birth control.

But just wait. Next time it’ll be twins. Just you wait.

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Jonah gave Naiah his beloved basketball shirt. He decided it fit her better.

Note the rug burn on the side of her face. Note the crazed grin.

She is her brother’s sister.

Jason: Naiah, you look so fun and sporty!

Naiah (age 3): No. I look cool.

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Pot, Kettle

Sarah (age 7): I wonder when Ella will learn to talk. I wonder what she’ll sound like. Maybe she’ll sound like me!

Anna (age 7): Well, if she sounds like you she’ll just keep talking and talking. . .

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I adore the fruit trees in our back yard. They make me want to bake. This is not good for the waistline. But Oh, the pies!!

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