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Anna (age 7): Oh, he’s big!

Sarah (age 7): Here, use my shoe.

Jonah (age 5): No, don’t. He’s my friend.

Anna: I’m just going to touch him!

Sarah: Ew! You broke him!

Jonah: You killed him!

Anna: Well, he’s dead now.

Sarah: You broke him in half! I think we need a shovel.

Jonah: I don’t like when people kill my bug friends! I always know when bugs are my friends!

Sarah: We should get him out of here. We should bury him!

Anna: He moved! Look!

Jonah: He’s alive! He’s alive!. . . Ew. He has blood.

Sarah: I think we should get him out of here.

Jonah: I’ll take him.

Anna: He’s starting to stink.

Jonah: That’s too yucky.

Sarah: Pick him up!

Jonah: I don’t think so.

Sarah: You have to! You volunteered!

Jonah: I just can’t.

Anna: Just go get the shovel.

Jonah: Okay!

Naiah: His leg moved!

Sarah: We have to get him out of here. He might be mad at us.


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This, That & the Other

A few things I’ve learned about Ella in the last three weeks:

1. Ella is a homebody. She would be perfectly happy living in my bedroom all day, every day, just nursing and staring up at me from a pillow and napping.

2. Ella will tolerate outings only if she is tucked in the sling or wrap and can nurse at the slightest inclination. Even so, she feels it necessary to complain at intervals, until she’s home.

3. Ella hates her car seat. Unless she’s already asleep.

4. Ella still has the hiccups, just like she did every night when I was pregnant.

5. Ella gets violently ill every time I drink a glass of milk. I’m glad it wasn’t the garlic.

6. Ella likes to sleep in. Yes. Yes.

7. Ella thinks her red hula-monkey toy is the most interesting thing in the whole house.

8. The kid can poop, man.

On another note, I am now 29, and officially have one last year to be a carefree twenty-something. With five kids. And birthdays up here are officially depressing. I couldn’t figure out why last year, but now I know. It’s just that I get extremely homesick on my birthday. Not so much at Christmas or Thanksgiving or any other time, but on my birthday I feel utterly wrong without my parents and brother and sister-in-law around. It’s not like we ever really did anything that special. Usually it was just lunch or dinner and a song, but it was always something, and always with everybody together. I can’t recreate that without them.

But I’m excited for the girls’ birthday on Saturday. We got them some furniture for their new dollhouse, and Grammie is sending a doll family to match our family, and their friends are coming over to have a little pajama party and pizza and watch movies in their room until 9 p.m. (We’re not ready for an overnighter just yet!) That should be much happier than a mopey, homesick, almost-thirty birthday by far.

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Ella Update

We took Ella to see all the grandmas at the Greenville church tonight. Much fuss was made. She handled those kisses and cuddles quite well. I took some pics when we got home, since she doesn’t dress up every day.

Jenn found her brown and pink hair bauble online at brilliantbows.com. (That was for you, Mrs. Kimberlee!) They stay put!

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Cleaning House

Sarah cleaning the elevator.

Sarah and Anna made their first joint purchase today with some of their laundry money. Anna and I found it at the thrift store. The sticker price was $10, but we talked it down to $7. (Oh, yeah. We’re shoppers.) I had been planning to buy one like it from Walmart for Christmas, but I think the pride of ownership is much better.

Anna, super shopper.

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The Entertainers

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Not Typing

So I’ve had a baby on my lap for a couple of weeks. It’s been fun. Kind of difficult to type though. So the computer and I have been seeing less of each other. I mouse around Hulu and my e-mail, and that’s about it.

While I’ve been away, Roxanne got blown down by hurricane Ike. She’s been cooking over a gas stove and drinking warm diet Coke with her peoples. They lost a few trees and a bit of fence, but the house is still intact. Electricity would be nice, I imagine. It’s kind of hot in Houston.

Ella is getting heavier, and her face changes a little every day. I still think she looks like Naiah, except for the nose, and the lips aren’t quite as full. She’s very quiet. And kind enough to sleep all night between feedings. Her wakeful times are a few hours in the late morning, and a few hours at night, before bed. The rest of the time she’s out. Pretty easy so far.

I’m waiting for books to arrive in the mail for Jonah and Naiah to start school. Naiah will be doing K4, and Jonah will be in K5. I was going to wait another year for Naiah to start school, but suddenly she was on the same reading level as Jonah, so I felt bad making her wait. I think as long as there’s that K4-K5 distinction, he won’t mind. He tends to learn in these huge spurts, anyway, so he’ll probably be way past her at some point soon. The girls could really start anytime, but I’m waiting for their math and history books to arrive before we fornally start the year. They’re having fun with all the Junie B. Jones books they got for their birthday at the moment. (Awesome for reluctant readers, by the way!)

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Anna and Sarah (age 6): Okay, Grammie! Which one’s Sarah, and which one’s Anna? [giggle, snicker]

Grammie: You’re Anna, and you’re Sarah.

Anna: Awww! How’d you know?

Grammie: I can tell by your voices!

Jonah (age 5): Come here, Naiah. . . Okay, Grammie. Which one’s Jonah, and which one’s Naiah?

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