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Dragon Warts

Jonah’s creating a comic called Dragon Warts. This is one of the graphics he came up with. I love the scribbly lines!

It’s nice to have a ready-made fan club before your career even begins.


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My husband is the guy who walks into a job fair and gets hired by the job fair.

It was only for the day, but it meant a day’s pay, a chance to meet every person who walked through the door, and a lunch to eat with hiring employers. Not bad.

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Yet They Love Flyleaf

Listening to angry music (“The Legacy of Odio” by In This Moment). . .

Sarah: Why is she YELLING like that?

Me: I guess that’s how she sings.

Anna: That’s a little bit freaky.

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Oh, Happy Day!

Funny how it just takes one weekend with my family together in the same four walls to clear the funk out of my head. Also, we laughed a lot. It’s a happy Monday.

Jason drove back to Austin yesterday afternoon, and then wound up in the hospital with Peal an hour after arriving. She passed out from low blood sugar. They’re running lots of tests and so far everything looks normal. Hopefully they’ll be done poking her by tomorrow morning. I’m sure she’s ready to be home by now.

I’m ready for all the kids to get over their sniffles and coughs so that we can head out to the library. They could use some novelty.  I can’t decide what to read next, though. I might try some Maya Angelou, or maybe revisit Dubliners. Anything to burn the sparkly vampires and giant wolves out of my head. Anybody read any good novels lately? Preferably not sci-fi or fantasy. Magical realism is okay. Suggestions welcome.

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Coming Along

I make no sense. This is the conclusion I’ve drawn. Oh well.

Things are looking up. Jason seems to have a temp job, to be started as soon as the temp agency gets the green light from the company they matched him with. Also, the temp agency loved his resume and passed it on to their tech and pro staffing offices, which have a lot of good openings. Plus he’s got a job fair coming up and lots of resumes out with lots of businesses in the area. So it shouldn’t be too much longer til we’re settled.

Meanwhile, I’m feeling less settled than ever, and have an increasingly hard time trying to remember that this arrangement is short-lived, that we’ve barely been here a month, and that it won’t always be this way. This week was extra hard with the youngest two sick. We’ve been stuck inside even more than usual and I haven’t spoken to another grown-up in person since Sunday. Nothing feels real here.

I’ve started writing fiction again. That always happens when I read, which is a tiny part of the reason I don’t read often. It’s hard to convince myself that it’s okay to write. I don’t like where it puts my frame of mind sometimes. Mostly, though, I don’t want to waste that much time and energy on something that might never amount to anything. But for now I’m ignoring my stupid excuses and just working a little every night. So far I’m writing backwards from a short story I wrote in 2003, when I was consistently on my game. It’s actually starting to take shape and make sense, which always surprises me.

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Wait. . . What?

Ella (16 months): Mama, what are you doin’?

Me: [pause] . . . What?

Ella: What are you doin’?

Me: Um. . . Putting clothes in the washer.

Ella: Yeah. (walks off)

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I’m Here!

Hello, internets. How are you? I’m sorry I’ve been so hermitic lately. We’ve been a mite busy, and I’ve been mildly depressed for no good reason, and those two factors both tend to render me a little wordless. It’s all my fault.

So here’s the skinny on the haps these days.

We had lots of company for New Year’s. Lots of food, lots of chatter, lots of new friends. It was happy. Visited a new church on Sunday– the one where the kids would attend Awanas. Felt woefully underdressed, but the people we met were so sweet.

Read through two more books in Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight saga. I got the feeling from the start that she was a big Heathcliff fan, too, and then in the third book she got very explicit on that whole Heathcliff vs. Linton theme, but I don’t think it works quite the same way when they both have magical powers. Still, I appreciate the little mental vacation that her story has afforded. It’s been a nice way to settle into life here, gently– a neutral ground. I’m kind of sad to be reading the last book. Wish it were longer. But it’s about time I got back to reality full-time, I suppose.

Tonight I met a kindred spirit, while the kids attended Awanas Club, in the grown-up Bible study at the church we visited last Sunday. She’s one of those nomadic types who have lived all over the place, kind of like we have, and has a soft spot for church planting and homeschooling and other things I dig. It’s funny how God puts those people in your path everywhere you go, people who you can talk to like you’re already good friends, even when you’ve just met. It made me happy. I only regretted that Jason wasn’t there to meet her and her husband. He would have liked them too.

And lastly, I’m coming down with some kind of throat illness. Hopefully it’s going to stay in my throat and not spread everywhere else and make me hate life. That would suck. Please pray that I don’t need antibiotics. Or medical treatment. Or Jason. More than I already do, that is.

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