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Sisterly Advice

Sarah (age 6): Hurry, Jonah! We need to go meet Emily!

Jonah (age 4): No! She’s my girlfriend, and she’s always so mean to me.

Anna (age 6): Jonah, if she’s mean to you, then she isn’t really your girlfriend.


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Naiah (age 2): Hey, Daddy?

Jason: What?

Naiah: Flabalpalabana?

Jason: What?

Naiah: Nevermind.

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More from Around Here


The outskirts of Indian Valley


Waterfall on Feather River


Cheerful Signs


Feather River (Don’t swim here.)


More River


Washing and Grinding Stone. I don’t know which tribes used it. In Indian Valley they were Maidu, but this is further south.

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My husband just went out and got himself a raise.

Oh yeah, he’s the man.

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Happy Day

Music and company and a clean kitchen do wonders for your mood, I’m telling you.

And I’ve left off Conrad’s Lord Jim about halfway though, because that wasn’t helping anything. It’s not nearly as black as Heart of Darkness, but it’s enough to sink you when you’re already feeling down. I need a happy book to read. Maybe I’ll go through The Chronicles of Narnia for the umpteenth time. They make you feel welcome.

The kids are actually quiet now that they’ve had someone other than siblings to play with all morning. They’ve been amusing themselves in their bedroom for almost an hour now, with no more noise than low-key conversation and toy sound effects. It’s a happy day, man.

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No good news today on the economic front. Consumer confidence plunged, the wholesale inflation rate soared, the number of homes being foreclosed jumped, home prices fell sharply and a report predicts big increases in health care costs.

–Associated Press

Can this just be over now? Please?

It would be a good time to buy a house, though, if banks weren’t so terrified of lending, and I weren’t so terrified of buying. Seriously, who needs terrorists anymore?

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Sitting for a Reason

I updated the baby blog (in the tabs at top) with all the pertinent info from the ultrasound and midwife visit. You have to scroll down to see the newest entries.

The short version is that the placenta is blocking the exit, which caused the brief bleeding, and the midwives were and are justified in limiting my activities to practically none. It has time to move away from the exit, but if it doesn’t I’ll have to schedule a c-section. Which is a loathsome and detestable idea, as far as I’m concerned, but I’ll do it. The baby is happy and wiggling and hiccuped the entire time we watched him (or her) on the ultrasound monitor.

So pray about that placenta. It needs to migrate.

I guess I’ll be reading more. I’ll try to keep the lit posts brief. Unless I’m having fun. And maybe I’ll teach Jonah and Naiah to read now that I’m just sitting around. I should probably do that anyway.

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