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Judah! It’s a Judah toy! Want to play with a Judah toy? Play with a ball? COME OUT, BABY!

–Ella, age 2



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First Load

Mmmmm. . . Baby laundry!

Fuzzy sheet, quilted sheet, burp cloths/pad, Sleepy Wrap, ring slings, flannel blankets, undershirts, pants, sleepers, fuzzy jammies, wipe cloths

Fuzzy sheet, quilted sheet, burp cloths, lap pad, Sleepy Wrap, ring slings, flannel blankets, undershirts, outing outfit, sleepers, fuzzy jammies, and wipe cloths. 🙂

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Jonah: Before brother.

























Jonah: After brother.

























Yup. Come Halloweenish, we’ll have us a Judah James.

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Wising Up

Used to be that Ella (age 2) would endure any amount of brushing, so long as I kept crooning, “Oh, it’s so pretty! So pretty. . .”

Today she snatched the brush and yelled, “I NOT so pretty!”

Guess flattery won’t work anymore.

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An Even Dozen

Things I’m Putting Off:

1. The mountain of boxes and bags still sitting in the garage

2. Taking the van back to the mechanics to see why it’s now “running rich” according to the check engine light, which has been on ever since the radiator was replaced last Friday

3. More unpleasant tests at the OB office (putting this one off indefinitely)

4. Any sort of new baby preparations, i.e. setting up the playpen bassinet, digging out and washing newborn clothes, etc. (don’t know how I’m expecting that to magically take care of itself without me)

Things I’m Happily Embracing:

1. The new school year, and lap books, and autumn-themed school activities

2. Sitting outside on chilly evenings

3. Potty training Ella

4. Baking in my kitchen. I want to start using some pumpkin puree this week!

Things I’m Very Thankful For:

1. A husband who runs an insane-o, super stressful schedule between work, home, and the hospital, and still manages to speak kindly, and play with the kids, and enjoy church with us

2. Thoughtful church members who offer to take all our kids for an entire afternoon, so that Jason and I have uninterrupted time to hang out together

3. Fall. Fall, fall, lovely fall.

4. Helpful, happy kiddos.

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