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“Okay, I’ll just tell you. Daddy, I’m in love with you. It’s because you’re so big and strong and smart. . . and handsome.”

— Naiah, age 4


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The Pumpkin Patch, 2009

The 10K was lots of fun. Small group, quiet morning, cool breezes. It was much more laid-back than the 5K. I don’t even think they timed us. I ran it in this weird empty space between the really fast people and the really slow people, so for the most part, it was like I was running alone! Afterward there were way too many doorprizes and lots of food and music, and we all just kind of hung out and chatted and ate together. A few people asked me about my shirt and why I was running alone, so I got to talk about Micah and the march I missed in Ojai and SMA. Jason and the kids stayed back at the hotel all morning, and it was nice to take my time and mingle a little bit.

The only drawback was that 1/2 mile of the marina stretch was covered with water and slick as ice. We had to run that stretch twice, and it caused me a lot of leg pain afterwards. So much, in fact, that I was walking like I was nine months pregnant with twins by the time we got to the pumpkin patch that afternoon. (And believe me, I know how it feels to be nine months pregnant with twins and trying to walk! Not fun!) So this was the first year that, instead of traipsing out into the far-flung fields at Wemple’s to hunt down our pumpkins, we shamelessly pilfered them from the decorative wagons and hay bales in front of the office. The kids didn’t mind, because they got to play on the hay maze like always. I say “ON” the hay maze, because they never actually touch the ground. The fun is jumping bale to bale over toddler heads and crashing into one another. None of the other kids were behaving this way when we arrived, but by the time we left, they all were. You’re welcome, fellow pumpkin-patch-goers.


Ella (13 months) and a stray ear of corn, which she adored.



A pumpkin!









Let the record show I had nothing to do with this child's choice of clothing.



Jolly pumpkin man!



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A Shirt! A Shirt!

Walmart seriously downsized their craft department, so all I had to work with were black iron-on patches. Jenn let me borrow a purple one for the front, though!



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For Micah

This is Mr. Micah Marshall.

He was born two months before Ella, to our good friends Don and Chelsea, and their three-year-old Joe. Last November, we were on our way to see them and all our family and friends in Ojai for Thanksgiving, when we got the news that Micah’s lung had collapsed, and that he had been diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). The doctors told them that kids with SMA rarely live past 18 months. It’s the number one genetic killer of young children, but research for a cure is grossly underfunded compared to more publicized genetic diseases like Parkinson’s.

Last month all the people we love in Ojai, plus a lot of very cool community members who don’t even know the Marshall’s, walked the bike trail with Micah. Their goal was to raise $5000 for SMA research. So far the total is over $12,000 and still climbing!

Since I missed out on the fun, I’m running my 10K in Sparks this weekend in honor of Micah man. I’m going to try to make a Micah shirt and everything, but since I’ve never tried this iron-on print-out thing, we’ll just have to wait and see how that goes! We’ll be donating to the search for a cure through FSMA.org, and YOU CAN TOO!! Just click through to this donation page. You can mark your donation in honor of Micah Marshall, and in the additional info box, please specify that your donation is “not for stem cell research”, to fund research that doesn’t utilize embryonic stem cells.

Or if you’d like to help the Marshall’s with the mounting bills they’re facing for all of Micah’s equipment and hospital visits, an account has been set up for them by the name of “The Parents of Micah Marshall”. You can donate at any WAMU branch or mail a check made out to The Parents of Micah Marshall, to PO Box 1154, Oakview, CA 93022.

And most of all, be praying for Mister Micah and his awesome family. They’ve all been a huge blessing in my life since we moved to Ojai in 1990, and we’re praying that God blesses them with miraculous healing and miraculous peace.

Wish me luck this weekend. I’ve never run a 10K!

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The Ball is Rolling!

We have an EEG appointment, November 13, 1:00 p.m., Sac!

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Silly Saxon!

I found these on Sarah’s math lesson today. She wasn’t aware she had written anything amusing. Surely the text writers could be a bit more specific for the poor, literal-minded children of the world!

Saxon Math 3: Jim had five dimes. His sister gave him two more dimes. Write a question.

Sarah: Why do I have to write a question?

Saxon Math 3: Today’s number is nine. Write a number sentence.

Sarah: 16 + 18 = 34

Same Sarah, two years younger. . .

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More Clues

On Thursday, Ella came down with the stomach bug that’s been stalking the house lately. For Jonah and Naiah, this bug has meant lots of major fatigue and voluntary couch-lying. Then on Friday, Ella had a blind/dizzy spell (seemed like a little of both) in the morning. Today she had three spells: one in the morning, and two in the afternoon, after her nap. All four of the last two days’ spells have been surrounded by hard sleep. Sometimes she was very fatigued before they happened, and sometimes after. I’m starting to wonder if fatigue is a major trigger here, or if maybe it’s an after-effect (which was something the doctor asked me about in the last appointment), or maybe both. It seems like there should be a common thread in all of this, but so far, no one rule applies to all.

P.S. We finally got a call from the local doctor saying that the pediatric neurologist isn’t seeing anyone until mid-December. (!!!) And in any case, the guy wants an EEG before he sees us at all. From his local EEG clinic. Which is in Davis. Not that we have an EEG clinic nearby, but I’m sure there’s some other EEG place between here and DAVIS. Anyway, the EEG has been ordered, and now it’s a matter of trying to get a live person on the phone to make an EEG appointment. EEEEEG!!

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