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They grow up so fast.

I feel like we have pets. Is that weird? They’re just so cute and needy!







Cherry Tomatoes:


Provider Beans:


Same Provider Beans, 5 Days Ago:

Strawberry, the new addition from the gas station, of all places:



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Progress! At Last!

A lot got done in this house last weekend, thanks to EVERYBODY, even Ella, who slept quietly for the entire Sunday afternoon so that we could work. It’s progressed so far that yesterday, when my friend came over for a surprise visit, I wasn’t totally mortified to invite her in for a long chat.

Hospitality? Really? Where’d that come from?!

And the home school room– the jewel and crown of my moving goals– it is done, practically speaking. It is empty of boxes and useful for study and learning.


Or reading Calvin and Hobbes.


(I love Calvin and Hobbes. It tickles me to death that the girls have become enamored of it.)

The room isn’t totally finished. I’m putting up shelving where the charts have been hung, crookedly, by the kids; don’t worry, I’ll fix it. The shelves will free up space for me to put the sewing machine on top of my sewing desk, and make room for curriculum and binders and supplies, which now reside in the closet or on my sewing desk, as you can see.I also have plans for curtains, or at least a valance. And some sort of play space for Ella when she joins us.

But I can’t adequately express how wonderful it is to have a whole room just for school! The kids love it, because at 9 a.m. we now “go” to school, rather than sitting at the kitchen table and “doing” school. They like the compartmentalization of it. for some reason. I love that there is a place for all the mounds of books and binders and cards and pencils that used to clutter our kitchen counter and scatter all over the household. Not to mention a place for schedules and charts and bookshelves. . . So nice.

And when we have visitors, we can fold up all the furniture and store it in the closet to make a guest room!


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Daddy Time

Ella (7 months) and Jason


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Manifest Anxiety

Why is it that kids go all kinds of postal when Mama’s trying to pack?

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Girl Time

I’m running away in a flurry of snow with ten ladies from the church plant! Ella is tagging along, because I have a couple of things Jason doesn’t have. We’ll drive three hours to Auburn and stay the night at a little hotel. Tomorrow we’ll spend the day listening to Elizabeth George and hanging out with women we’ve never met. Should be fun!

I should probably pack something.

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Tiny Garden

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Seven Months Ago

It’s too fast, I tell you! How did this happen?

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