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The Christmas Report

The best part was that my parents drove all the way up here from Ojai to arrive in time for dinner, Christmas Day. My kids were looking forward to their visit more than presents. They actually said, “I can’t wait for it to be Christmas so Grammie and Papa will come!” They said this often.

I forgot to make rolls. Or potatoes. Or apple pie. It didn’t pop into my head until everything else was already finished. But there was a tender roast beef and carrots and broccoli, so it wasn’t a total Christmas dinner disaster. It was actually quite yummy and festive, and pleasantly simple. And of course, apple pie and yeast rolls and potatoes made their appearances later in the visit.

Sarah got a Sansa Clip MP3 player. It was pink. She put the earphones on post haste, and later when I would try to tell her something she would stand three feet in front of me, pointing to her ears, saying, “What? What? I can’t hear you!” And I remembered my teenage years and repented. And gave her speakers. And sent her to her room with them.

Anna got what she asked for in her first and only letter to Santa: a camping tent. It takes up the entire living room. But it will be great fun this summer, for all four of the big kids.

Jonah got a Power Rangers Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger. And a Rhino Ranger. And a blue ranger which apparently isn’t a Jungle Fury Ranger at all, but belongs to some other classification of Power Ranger. Jonah was quick to point this out, although he is happy to include the blue ranger in his Power Ranger dramas. (His favorite present, however, was the discontinued Fisher Price adventure castle with the trapdoors and dungeons and knights. Grammie found it on eBay. That one has seen its fair share of action the past few days.)

Naiah asked for a puzzle, so we gave her a pretty German block puzzle, as well as a baking set to go with her wooden kitchen, which arrived in the mail a few days late. Naiah didn’t mind.

Ella slept through the morning festivities, but she quite enjoyed the cuddles from Grammie and Papa later.

And the second best part was that my parents got to stay three days later than they thought they could. So we spent entire days lolling around the kitchen, cooking treats and dinners at intervals and playing innumerable games of charades with the kids, and also a card game called Swap, which kept us giggling for hours.

It felt like a week-long holiday. Nothing to do but sit around enjoying each other. And a little sledding. And shopping. And reading. It was a very long, pleasant Christmas.

And back in Ojai, baby Micah got to be at home with his mom and dad and big brother. Keep praying for him and his family, who are all like family to us. They have a hard road ahead. If you happen to be on facebook, join Micah’s Wall of Prayer to stay up to date on their prayer needs.


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Merry Christmas!


We’re a little excited, maybe.

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So Sarah


Sarah woke to find a rag bunny in her bed.

Her first thought: “Oh, wow! Naiah would love this!”

So she put it on Naiah’s pillow.

Sarah was a bit overjoyed when she learned the bunny was, in fact, hers.

She and Floppy have not been parted since.

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For No Good Reason

I started making rag dolls today. It probably was the result of finding out that the all-organic, cotton and wool teething doll I’d been planning to buy for Ella’s Christmas gift was unable to ship in time for Christmas. It probably also came out of having way too much snuggly flannel and all-natural cotton batting around. Whatever the cause, this afternoon I had an overwhelming urge to make something.

Anyway, this was the first result, a flannel teething doll for Ella:


She seems to like it, even though its head is somewhat rectangular.

Sarah fell in love with it, and hinted several times that she’d love to have a rag doll with long floppy ears that she could tie in a bow.

So this was the second, more complicated result, which had me giggling for hours as I stitched elbows and knees and a fat bottom:


It’s hard to tell with the dress on her, but she has very curvy hips and long bunny legs. She’s kind of heavy, too, because of little rice bags in her feet and hands and middle. I tucked her into bed with a sleeping Sarah just a minute ago.

And holy cow, it’s two a.m.! And that’s why my vision is blurring.

Merry Christmas! I wish you long nights of senseless creation! Or mornings, if that’s your thing.

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Big Baby, Big Sister

Ella and Anna



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They’re Baaack!

The snow lulls you into a false sense of security. So white and innocent. So pillowy soft.


But hours later, you look out your kitchen window and find that you’re surrounded by pointiness! [insert theme from Psycho]


They sliced Jason’s hand during our first winter up here. Right through the glove.


Nobody could prove a thing.

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