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Oh Yeah. . .

We returned from Ojai sooner than I anticipated, so that my parents could drive the truck up with us and rid their garage of all the furniture they’ve been storing for us.

So today I spent the majority of the daylight hours throwing things out and rearranging the entire living room. It looks much more inviting and soft. And it matches. . . [dramatic pause] I’m a happy camper for the moment.

I doubt the kids are that excited, though. All day long they’ve heard a steady refrain: “Leave it alone! Just one day! Let it be pretty one day!”


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Bath Snack

Naiah (21 months) took a bath this afternoon. Before I could stop her, she began to sip the soapy water.

“Naiah,” I said. “That’s yucky bathwater!”

Naiah said, “It’s like chicken.”

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The Scotts

Jonah’s middle name is Scott, after my dad. His cousin, 1-year-old Caleb, also bears the middle name Scott, after my dad.

Today, as Jonah played trucks with Caleb (who has won Jonah’s eternal favor simply by being male), he said proudly, “Us Scotts are playing together.”

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And Thank You

To all the churches and individuals who prayed for us, and payed our way, thank you so much for your faithfulness and love. God did HUMONGOUS work through your actions. It was truly life-altering and necessary and good. Thank you.

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People have been asking me how the conference went, or how the retreat went. Those are hard questions to answer. I could say that it was very, very, very good. But not in the way you think. It was not relaxing. It was not easy. Half the time I had to keep reminding myself to breathe so that I wouldn’t pass out. They spoke the plain, unsugared truth, from Scripture and experience, and let it do its work. And that was brutal.

The funniest thing about it was that the straightforward speech we’ve heard on the podcast three or four times each, “Qualifications of a Lead Planter” (which is basically 1 Timothy chapter 3, unpacked), was the one that left everyone floored. There was almost an audible agony from every guy in that room when Mark finished speaking, as they understood suddenly and clearly how far they had to go. That was good, but it was not comfortable. I felt terrible for both of the Jason’s, who were nearly speechless, but again, it was good, and I was glad for it.

It was also funny to me that the part I dreaded the most, the mysterious, agenda-less “Wives’ Track,” was the most important six hours of the entire boot camp, to me. There I met experienced, wise, gentle women who helped me understand, finally, things that have had me hopelessly confused until now. These are women I can identify with and emulate, which is incredibly hard to find in our culture. They were fun and authentic and bold in their teaching, and I loved the affection they showed to one another. I hope we do work with the network someday, if for no other reason than to learn from women like that.

It was a huge blessing that we got to stay with Brian and Elisa, who are currently planting with Acts 29 near Seattle. Their family is warm and easy to love anyway, but it was especially fun and instructive to be around people who are doing what we would like to do, and doing it well.

Coming back is the hardest part though– living out the repentence and changes that must be made if we want to do what God has certainly called us to do. We could use your prayers right now as painful decisions are happening. Pray for understanding and peace and courage and wisdom. We really need them right now.

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I’m gone, as of this afternoon. Pray for me and Jason and Jason Franklin, that we’ll meet the people God wants us to meet and get the training we need. Thanks again to all the churches and individuals who made it possible for us to go!

Be back Friday. . .

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Well, I have discovered that Microsoft makes my blog look uuuuugly. Believe it or not, when you’re looking at it through Firefox or Flock, it’s actually pretty, with a smooth, simple font. But since most people are not using Firefox or Flock, I guess it’s time for a redesign. Sigh. But not today. I am packing!

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