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UCLA Visit

Well, we finally got to see Aaron yesterday. Lisa and I went up to the tenth floor with Rose (Aaron’s sister), while the kids played on the lawn at Christopher’s third birthday party. The whole room was plastered with bright posters of scripture, notes from friends, and cartoons of Aaron’s reactions to drugs.

What shocked me when I saw him was the lack of tubes. Excepting the trach, he was completely wireless. He had only just returned from an MRI and a short walk to the fridge across from his bed, allowed by his father-in-law in Natalie’s absence. We left after a few minutes so they could reattach the I.V. (It wasn’t the long, friendly visit I had imagined.)

He seemed a little shaky, but otherwise, he was Aaron. Blond, but still Aaron. How miraculous is that?

Soon the trach will be completely gone. He might even go home for a while before the next chemo onslaught.

It’s hard fit that much of a turnaround in your head. Seeing it made me ashamed of the doubts that crept into my prayer times these last six weeks. I never doubted God’s ability to heal, but I certainly doubted His willingness now and then. He proved me gloriously wrong.

There is a growing number of people whose faith has been strengthened by Natalie’s faith. She looked so triumphant at the party. God fought her battles for her and she won. I can’t wait to see what more God will do with them.


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Speculation III

Sarah: Do you want to know who I’m going to marry?

Jonah: Me!

Sarah: No. Me! I want to marry myself.

Papa smiled.

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Jesus Loves Me

Jonah started singing today at VBS:

Yes, Jesus loves Jonah!
Yes, Jesus loves Mommy!
Yes, Jesus loves Larry Boy!
The Bible tells me so.

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Aaron’s bone marrow biopsy results are finally in, and there is NO leukemia. Isn’t God incredible? Please keep praying for his complete healing, and for the kids (Michaela and Chris) who miss mom and dad a lot.

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This morning in the Ojai church, and last night in Ventura, my thoughts kept returning to the new church up in the mountains, to Jason and Jason teaching, the worship band playing, the kids running wild. And for the first time, I didn’t feel completely at home sitting in those familiar pews among those familiar faces. I felt like I was missing something important.

I’ve never felt like that before. Even when we moved away for years at a time, coming to Ojai was always coming home, especially to the church here.

It’s a good feeling to be so invested in something that it becomes your new life and home. I never expected to love another church family as much as my Ojai family. God does amazing things.

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Speculation, Continued

Anna: I think I’m still going to marry Alex (five year old friend).

Sarah: But, Sissy, what if he’s too tough to get married?

Anna: It’s okay if he’s tough. When he’s a daddy he won’t be tough anymore.

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Happy Day

After an afternoon in the inflatable pool, an evening at the mall, and a nighttime trip to Libbey Park, we climbed back in the van.

Somewhere in the middle of the girls’ chatter and Naiah’s babble, Jonah said, “I’m happy.”

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