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Public Declaration

These are the things I wish to accomplish this holiday season:

  • Assign and work through a Thanksgiving history project with the kids
  • Assign a Christmas essay to the girls, and a creative writing project for the younger set and help them through those
  • Learn and make 3 new crafts that the kids can help with
  • Do some sewing and crafting of my own, with friends!
  • Mail crafty gifts in the mail with postage and addresses in the mail in the mail in the mail, and not stacked in my car waiting to be mailed
  • Make lots of gingerbread dough so the kids can build and create together
  • Take long walks outdoors in the not-hot weather
  • Start training for the February Color Run in Austin
  • Make and keep an advent calendar for once
  • Make a toddler-proof nativity (out of felt? wood?)
  • Bake treats for all the neighbors we know and a few we don’t
  • Visit the Trail of Lights at Zilker

There ya go. Now that I have publicly  stated my (overzealous and probably unrealistic) ambitions, I need to Google Calendar all this stuff so that some of  it actually happens.



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Young Me Now Me

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