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5nights is over. The teams have left for home. My house is empty, except for the four kids and husband who happen to reside here. So. Tired. And I wasn’t even one of the ones out there sweating in the sun all week, working on the church buildings. All the thinking and praying and rushing and extroverting was enough to do me in. But I loved every second of it, even the nerve-wracking seconds.

We met SO MANY new people. Adult people! And teen people! And kid people! And the whole town is buzzing about all the work that got done on the church grounds. They can’t believe how much those kids accomplished in five days, and neither can I.

It’s going to be very interesting tomorrow at the Rotary picnic to get a glimpse of where God is taking all these new inroads. This is one of those weeks when I really, really love church planting. It’s one of those weeks when you know– soundly know, because it has been soundly thumped into your head– that God is the one who plants, and you just get to ride along on the tractor. (Yes, I’m using ‘tractor’ in an analogy, which means I’m tired, and need to stop trying to verbalize now. Never use metaphor on an empty tank, people.)


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Tonight we visited the Franklins’ house. While the six girls played quietly in the back of the house, Jonah (age 3) approached Jenn. He said, in a most professional manner, “I’m sorry. But do you guys have any guns?”

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Naiah (age 2, as of 12:05 a.m. tonight) found an old bottle nipple in a drawer today.

“Look, Mommy! It’s a nursing thing.”

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Anna (age 5): Sissy! I thought I saw a firefox outside!

Sarah (age 5): Where?!

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5nights is Coming!

And we need a heckload of prayer.

You remember those old-fashioned revival meetin’s? Circuit preacher yelling? Gospel quartet wailing? Aisle-walking? Amens? Hallelujahs?  5nights is kind of like that, but not.

First off, there probably won’t be a whole lot of Christians there, which might nix the amens and hallelujahs. Second, it will happen in a community park, where meat will be cooked and served. Third, the persons yelling will be Jason (mine), and my brother John (although I’ve never heard him yell before, unless it was part of a song). Fourth, the band will be of the rock variety, hopefully at a decibel level that would make most church-biddies charge the sound booth. And fifth, it will target young, unattached, depraved Westwood men. And maybe a few who aren’t quite so obviously depraved or unattached. (Check out 5nights.com for a better feel.)

Basically, it’s a five-night-long hullabaloo designed to introduce local guys– and whoever else shows up– to Jesus and his mission.  And like any other God-movement, it only works when the Bible is preached hard and people pray like crazy.

So pray with us. It happens in about a week, June 25th through 29th, in the evenings. Pray for John and his group, coming up from Ventura, for Jim and his group, coming up from Grass Valley, for Jason Franklin, for my Jason, for Jenn and me, and especially for Westwood and its families. This town needs Jesus so badly you can feel it everywhere you walk. Help us pray.

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Anna: Sissy, that’s my baby!

Sarah: I’m her mommy!

Anna: You are not. I’m her mommy.

Jason: How about I get a kitchen knife and cut the baby in half? Then you can each have a piece.

Anna: I want the head!

Sarah: I want the tummy!

Jason: Ummm. . . I think this baby belongs to Naiah.

Naiah: Thank you! Wow.

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Weather Update

Just so you know, things don’t feel so cloudy anymore. Nothing has improved circumstantially, but God has a way of making everything okay when it shouldn’t be okay. My main concern for today is wrangling the mess in my kitchen, and that is quite all right with me.

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