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We are literally buzzing around here. The kids are doing laundry and stuffing their toys and books into bins and making a joyous racket. Ella doesn’t know what to do, so she’s spinning up and down the hallway with her baby doll.

Jason is starting the utilities so he can move everything out of storage tomorrow. The kids and I will drive twelve hours and join him Thursday night in our house. And we will celebrate Jonah’s 7th birthday together on Friday. Together. We’ll move Pearl in the next weekend after that. And then we will be THERE. Under ONE ROOF. And yes, there will be craziness and unpacking and messes and stress, but eventually all of that will settle down as well and we will have a new rhythm and routine and mission all our own in our new hometown.  

It was a long wait. But it was also God’s provision at every turn, giving what we needed moment by moment, though we couldn’t see how it could possibly work out. And looking back now, if we had been able to move into any of the previous houses, we wouldn’t have found this house, on a quiet street, with a half-acre yard, shaded by spreading oaks, around the corner from all the groceries and pharmacies we could need, for much less than we would have paid in the stuffy, cramped neighborhoods we previously considered.

This morning I remembered something I asked God for in the beginning, when we were still under the impression that the move to Austin would be weeks, and not months, in duration. It was just a silly request, and I knew it wasn’t anything I needed, but I asked anyway:  that we could live where there were oaks, like the ones in Ojai, where I spent entire afternoons and evenings, reading, writing, talking, napping, or just thinking quietly under (or on) giant, low-hanging branches. That sound of dry leaves brushing and the green light slanting through means home to me.   He certainly didn’t have to give us something so unnecessary, but He did it anyway. It makes me very happy.


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Really? Really, really?!

So there’s this house. It’s empty. It’s clean. We can live in it!

Le sigh.

We were praying that we’d be able to move in before Jonah’s birthday this Friday, and now it looks like we really, really will.

Jason said, “So hey, now that we’ve been married for ten years and we’re on our sixth kid, wanna move in together?”

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So, Um. Yeah.

We still have a house. On paper.

Two days after the tenant moves out, we can move in.

The tenant has now informed us that she doesn’t  feel like moving out anytime soon, even though she’s not actually living in the house.

The owners have filed papers to make her move out.

In the meantime, we’re legally free to take back our deposit and go elsewhere.

We hope that we don’t need to do that. But we’re looking again, and waiting again, and praying that this lady suddenly gets the urge to vacate.

UGH. Ugh. Ugh.


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And a House

I was waiting for a 100% for-sure confirmation, but since it’s not so easy to get one of those these days, I’m settling for 98% for-probably-we-think.

For all we know, we have a house we like, in a neighborhood we like, in a North Austin town we really, really, really like where they have kick-butt 4th of July celebrations, and Christmas tree lightings, and movies in the park, and various and sundry family-friendly happenings year-round. I’m so excited to be living there. It’s the type of place where we could settle in and raise the kids until they’re good and done with us.

The deal right now is that we’ve signed the agreement with the owner for a deposit and hold on the house, and the property manager has drawn up all the lease papers, but she can’t finish them because the tenant, who gave notice that she’d be out by the 17th, has asked for a few more days, and has yet to give us an exact date to write on the lease.

So yeah. 98% for-probably we have a house. I’m just hoping it’s ready for us before too long.

And on an unrelated note, I updated the baby blog with the first and only (so far) belly shot of this round. It’s already the third trimester now, but hey, at least there’s one! I’m celebrating the small accomplishments.

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Light in August

(Name that author!)

Boy, dust, summer.

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About Houses

I would like one. In Austin. Or roundabouts.

I would like one with four bedrooms and two bathrooms with a downstairs master for Pearl and a decent kitchen and a fenced yard.

I would like it soon.

Since May, there have been two houses we were all but sure of. Both fell through– one because our friend found a buyer unexpectedly, and we were happy for her, and the other because, after a mountain of paperwork, deposits, fees, and mixed messages, we just couldn’t trust the owner anymore, especially when he started upping the price on us. Jason and I agreed it was better to pull out of that deal before it became binding. (And the realtor is making sure we get a refund on what we’ve paid so far.)

So I went back to Craigslisting and newspaper shopping. And now we have two houses on the table. Both are well within our price range. Both have plenty of square footage. One has a giant, open kitchen and is in Round Rock, near the church plant in Pflugerville. One has a giant, shady yard and is in Cedar Park, near the lakes and the Metro Rail, and not too terribly far from the church plant either. I’m not sure which I’d like better at this point, but I guess we’ll just see what happens.

At any rate, I’d like at least one. Soon. Please.

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