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I Used to Blog

Now I don’t.  Mostly because I’m operating under the theory that if I don’t acknowledge the time passing, it passes faster. And I really want the time to pass faster. This waiting game gets old after six+ months.

Long story short (maybe):

Jason has a job in Austin, since nearly three  months ago. We’re working on the house part. So far we’ve been hopeful of two which have both fallen through. Pearl is doing as well as she can, but things will be much easier for her when we’re all together.

 The kids and I are in Mississippi, with my parents, in a podunk haven off a dirt road in Kemper County.  They’re in transition. We’re in transition. It’s a lot of weirdness and uncertainty and commonality, and we are savoring our time together while we can. It feels natural to be here with them. I cook all the time in a happy, 1970’s, country kitchen. The kids are turning brown and working on their Southern drawl. They spent a week learning horseback riding at a cowboy church outside of DeKalb. They have also been playing on giant, soaped-up waterslides and rollerskating in the church gym and going for rides in the back of Papa’s truck through the fields. Mississippi is a sort of wonderland to them. It’s a joy to me that they can get a taste of where I spent my childhood.

It’s been a month since we left Lufkin. We stayed half a year, twice as long as we expected, although it’s a blur to me now. The house was a Godsend and comfortable and we made lots of good friends and everyone was kind, but for some reason I never was able to function. We just didn’t fit there. I didn’t even realize how depressed I was until I got here and regained some semblance of myself for the first time in a looooong time. It’s so good to breathe normally.

We hope to have the whole clan back under one roof in the next week or so. Pray with us while we’re  searching through listings and talking to realtors and owners. I’m checking on some promising Craigslist postings at the moment. We’re so close to done!

Anna (8) and Ella (1)

Naiah (5) and Anna and fireflies!

Front yard

Naiah, front porch swing

Mighty Mouse, the next generation.

Anna, Sarah (8), and Jonah (6) eating fresh berries and shortcake and cream while Papa sets off fireworks.

Naiah. Mud.

Jonah. Mud. Teeth. Mud. Happy boy.


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