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Monster Manners

Jonah and Naiah were running around the house in a mesh laundry basket, thus:


Me: Aaaaaahh! It’s a two-headed basket monster!

Jonah: RRRAAAAAAaaaaaarrh!

Naiah: Hi. How are you?


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And We’re Back

I still can’t make my brain function well enough to actually write a real post, so I’ll just put up lots of pictures instead.

Bare bones synopsis– Drove down to Ojai Saturday (Jason too). Made it in ten hours instead of twelve, due to our woeful inability to find a McDonald’s Playplace. Saw lots of good friends at church on Sunday. Met our new nephew on Monday. Held him a LOT and loved every minute. Toured Lisa’s lovely house and talked for hours. Went to the park on Tuesday with mommy friends and their kids. Took lots of photos Wednesday in Oxnard at Babies R Us, and in Ojai at the church, then attended a packed out dessert feast that evening. Thursday cooked all day. ALL day. Loved every minute. Except for that minute when I couldn’t fit everything in the oven for the last warming. Swore to own double ovens at some point in the future. Ate dinner with family. Crashed. Braved the shopping hordes on Friday. Didn’t get the Spiderman Origins action figure for $2.99. Or the Spiderman 2 DVD for $3.99. Asked the Toys R Us bouncer if they had more in the back. Was informed that did indeed have more, and that they’d restock after the sale ended at noon. Declared that all of retail was evil and retreated to the zen that was Target. (Evil zen. But they do have some serious feng shui going on there.) Bought shoes. Went to the movies with my mom. Hung out with family on Saturday. Dated my husband Saturday night. Saw the worst movie ever, which might not have been so bad if we had only been forewarned that it was CGI. Had fun railing on the movie. Saw more friends at church Sunday morning. Left Ojai at 69 degrees fahrenheit. Arrived in Westwood at 20 degrees fahrenheit. At one a.m. Crashed. Still crashing. But I did get the tree up.




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We Are Family!

On Wednesday we walked up the hill for an Ojai-ish photo shoot with the Harrell’s, the Harrell’s, and us Kerr’s. I used to sit in these trees for HOURS. (Yes. I was a pretty boring kid.)


The Harrell’s


The Harrell’s


The Kerr’s






Grass Stains



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The Yellow Park

So named by Naiah. Also known as Camp Comfort in Ojai, where we played with very good friends.





Sarah on the “spinny pole”


Sarah, being a bat.

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A Good, Long Walk

My head is gone. I’m not sure where it went. I hope it comes back someday. Maybe it’s the weather.

We’re trekking down to Ojai on Saturday. So today while the van was being shod with new brake pads I walked to the dollar store and bought the requisite distractions for the kids (note pads, activity books, etc.), and then walked to Walmart for the big-honkin’ bag of sunflower seeds (which magically render me ignorant of time so that the twelve hours feel like two).

And while I was walking down Susanville’s main strip, a busy, cluttered, concrete strip, I kept thinking back to Hong Kong, and how we walked at least five miles a day, even when it rained, and how we saw people when we walked. When you drive you see cars, but when you walk you see people.

I think it makes for a different kind of society when people walk and see each other. You’re more likely to smile and say hello, or feel wary when Big Scary Dude is too close behind you, or question your wardrobe choices when you pass a pair of fashionista teenagers. You can’t help but think about the people that make up your city, and who you are in relation to them. That doesn’t seem to happen when you’re insulated by a Chevy Astro. You’re not as vulnerable, and not as involved.

One night, Jason and I were out late in a new (to us) neighborhood in Kowloon. We were standing at an intersection with a throng of club hoppers and vendors and professionals on their way home. A man rode his motorcycle into the intersection, too fast, tried to make a right turn, and skidded sideways into the middle of the street. Immediately he was surrounded by fifty or sixty pedestrians, redirecting traffic, helping him up, dusting him off. He thanked everyone politely. Then he hopped on his bike and drove away. It was a beautiful moment. A few seconds later, a man in an expensive business suit started shouting, “My wallet! That guy took my wallet!”

See? Involved and vulnerable. Life is more interesting outside the car.


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Food, photography, and great stories. LOVE this blog!

And the food loveliness is here.

I soooo empathize with her cooking philosophies.

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Family Math

Just so you know, the Friend-Emily’s are the girls’ imaginary best friends, who happen to be identical twins and share the name Emily, and who are also twins with Anna and Sarah, which would actually make them quadruplets, but that word doesn’t enter into their vocabulary yet, so the Friend-Emily’s remain twins who are twins with the girls. And now you know.

Over lunch. . .

Sarah: Know what? We really have nine in our family.

Me: How do we have nine?

Sarah: Well, there’s you, Daddy, Sissy, me, our Friend-Emily’s, Jonah, Jonah’s brother Pak, and Naiah. That’s nine.

Anna: Yeah. And I want you to get two more babies in your tummy.

Me: Or you could grow up and get married and have your own babies. . .

Anna: Nah, I want them to come from your tummy.

Jonah: Mommy already has a baby in her tummy.

Me: I do?

Jonah: Yes. You have a boy baby in your tummy. He’s my baby brother.

Me: Oh, really?

Jonah: His name is Michael. I don’t have a pretend brother anymore.

Anna: Oh, I like the name Michael!

And no, I am not pregnant (to my knowledge). And yes, I am feeling some pressure now. Why did I give them prophet names?! It makes it all so much creepier!

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