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More Judah

Just because I like him and I take too many pictures.

He practices walking all the time now. Even tried running once, too soon. His limit is around ten or eleven steps at a time. Sometimes instead of falling he stops and seems to think, “This is about when I usually hit the ground,” and he sits. Sweet boy.

P.S. I do still have other lovely children. I promise to stop doting so lopsidedly soon.


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We are dry and dusty here. I’m actually getting used to the triple digit heat. It’s been so long since we felt anything else that it seems normal. Of course, if I had to actually spend time outside doing anything close to exercising or working, I would feel differently. But I have a cool house (most of the time), so I’m content with my little backyard visits and trips to and from the car, and Wednesday evenings in the breezy shade of the pavilion at church.  That’s the extent of my interaction with the heat this summer.

This guy, however, could live in the dust and sunshine all day, if I let him. He plays outside with the biggest sisters when Mama refuses to stay out any longer.

(Note that the knees no longer touch the ground. He’s like a little bear cub.)

And with this one too, of course. She thinks he’s pretty big now.

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Cookie. . .

and Judah. . . Love.

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