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Jo. Mo.

It’s a summer thing. And ALL his idea.


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This Is Westwood.

Beauty and wreckage.


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Well, my family is reassembled.

Jonah, Naiah, and I came home Sunday, after a long weekend of stops and starts and plan changes.

Anna and Sarah were dropped off this evening by Grammie and Papa.

We ate pizza.

My house is completely unfamiliar to me right now.

I can’t find anything. I don’t know how to fix anything.

I feel very, very lost. And that makes me feel guilty.

But I’m glad we’re heading in the general direction of normalcy again.

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Jonah: Dude.

In the kitchen/living area of the Noah’s Ark Exhibit at Skirball Cultural Center. . .

Museum Worker: Okay, kids, it’s time to cook some food together! I have some peaches and some veggies and some grains over here. Who wants to make a peach pie?

Little Boy: Ooh, I’m making a peach pie!

Museum Worker: Oh, thank you! Here’s the fire where we cook.

Little Girl: I’m making a vegetable pie!

Other Little Girl: I’m making oatmeal!

Museum Worker: The animals will love that.

Jonah (yelling down from the rope ladder): Is dinner ready yet?!

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Museum Day

Me: Well, Jonah, did you like visiting the museums today?

Jonah: Yeah!!

Me: Do you think we should have another museum day sometime, and see other museums?

Jonah: Yeah!!

Me: And maybe next time your sisters could come, too!

Jonah: Nah.

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The Brag List

These are the fun things Jonah has done since his sisters left him behind:

1. Watched Speed Racer

2. Hit Baskin Robbins for dinner

3. Swam in the “big pool” at Josiah’s house

4. Threw a kiddie pool party for friends

5. Watched way too many superhero and ninja cartoons

6. Spent a day at Knott’s Berry Farm (Roller coasters!)

7. Ate too many Happy Meals

8. Attended a birthday party

9. Went to children’s church with good friends

10. Saw Speed Racer a second time (this time with the Mach 4 and Mach 5 from his Happy Meals)

11. Built Lincoln Log houses with no interruptions or sharing involved

And on the list for the next few days:

1. Museum of Natural History, Los Angeles (translation: DINOSAURS!)

2. Noah’s Ark Exhibit, at Skirball Cultural Center

3. Beach day

4. The yellow park (if it cools down enough)

I think he’ll be able to tell a few of his own tales when Sissies come home with theirs.

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