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Driving Down

Feather River, elev. 4000 ft.
Feather River, elev. 2000 ft.

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There and Back

Well, today I drove down to Paradise, through the snow, and the slush, and the rain, and the hail, and the snow again. It will take about an hour and 45 minutes to drive on a sunny, dry day, but today it took almost three hours. I met the midwives there. They’re lovely. They have a birth center annexed to the little hospital, and it has jacuzzi tubs for water births. They do lots of water births. And I’m glad.

It happened to be snowing in Paradise today, which is usually a once-a-year event for them. This year they’ve already had three snow days, and it’s only January. It was kind of funny. The entire town shut down. Schools, stores, restaurants. Everybody was sliding around in their little sedans with snow chains on the tires. On three inches of snow.

The midwife chatted with me for a long while, then listened for the baby’s heartbeat. She couldn’t hear it. So the receptionist called the ultrasound lady to ask if there were any openings today. And there were. In fact, she had no appointments at all. Everyone had canceled. Because of three inches of snow.

So I drove to see the ultrasound lady in her homey little office a few blocks away. She and her husband fretted over me driving down to Paradise in the snow. Then they fretted over me going home in the snow. Then her husband set about checking road conditions on the internet to plan the least snowy route home. They were worried about driving themselves home in their sedan, and not their Suburban, on the three inches of snow.

Then she took me in for the ultrasound. We found two yolk sacs, and one wiggly baby. So it seems that at some point there were twins, but one never developed past the embryonic stage. It’s an odd feeling, knowing there’s an empty sac just sitting there, but I don’t feel very sad about it. As Lisa once said, God knows what’s best for our family. Jason feels a little bit sad.

The lady’s husband told me to go back the same way I came, so I did. I rear-ended someone’s truck on the mountain somewhere. I have no idea why he stopped suddenly. I should have had plenty of room to brake, but the brakes wouldn’t catch on the slush, and I only managed to slow down considerably. He was still moving when I bumped him, so it didn’t do any damage. We kept driving, and I kept waiting for him to pull over and exchange insurance information, or check his fender, or something, but he just kept driving.

I think for my next appointment I’ll wait for a break in the weather.

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Last week:

This week:

The forecast:

Today Tomorrow Wed Thu Fri
Snow Showers/ Wind Snow/ Wind Snow Snow Showers/ Wind Snow Showers
High: 28°Low: 18° High: 25°Low: 18° High: 28°Low: 17° High: 30°Low: 24° High: 31°Low: 22°


Maybe this is one of those “real” winters the locals keep telling us about.

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Wiggles Everywhere

Anna (age 6): Mommy, why do you have to wear a bra?

Me: Well, when you grow up your chest gets bigger, and you need a bra to keep it from wiggling around too much.

Anna: But what about your tummy?

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A few more. . .

Icicle harvest. These are the baby icicles. I wouldn’t let them near the four-foot-long killer ones.


Tencel skirt and fuzzy boots. I am so Westwood right now.



This poor baby tree fell victim to the snow plow. I’m sorry, baby tree.



And this is for Christine, because it always makes me think of her. It’s right across from Walmart, so I think of her often.


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Le Grande Tour (finally)

For my mother, and any other interested parties. . .


The front, a week ago before all the new snow. Because we needed more snow.


The front door and living room. None of these houses has A/C, because there are only two really hot weeks in the summer, so a ceiling fan is nice.



Stove area and back door:



Sink side and breakfast bar:



Laundry area, NOT in the dining room (yay!):



Blurry bathroom (my camera was cold):



Master bedroom:



Master bedroom closet, oooh, aaaah:



Little bedroom (the other is pretty much the same):




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Red-Letter Day

Attention, please! We have an announcement:

The ground snow is now touching the roof snow.

Holy cow.


Today, after Jason knocked most of it down:

Digging out some daylight:

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