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Helpful Brother

Jonah (age 5): Mommy, is Ella going to come out of your tummy today?

Me: I don’t know, buddy.

Jonah: But is she big enough yet?

Me: Yeah, she’s big enough. But I don’t know when she’s going to come out.

Jonah: I’ll tell her. (grabs my belly in both hands) COME OUT, ELLA! GET OUT OF THE TUMMY! SQUEEEEEZE!! SQUEEEEEEZE OUT OF THE TUMMY!!


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For My Dad

Who is deeply concerned over the warmth of tiny feet.

I bought them with you in mind.

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Abbie (age 4, on the play phone): Hello?. . .  Okay. Naiah, it’s for you! It’s another Naiah.

Naiah (age 3): There’s no two Naiah’s!

Abbie: Oh. Then it’s another Abbie!

Naiah: Okay. Hello?

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Good Stuff

Jason and I just finished watching this three-part series last night. It’s been a long time since I remembered what it was like to pray freely and expectantly. I missed it.

Here’s a link if you’re interested:

Mark is preaching all over Australia at the moment. Jason and I were laughing over how perfect a fit that is. He’s a dude. And he can be so atrociously sarcastic. They’ll never let him leave.

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I just noticed the plum tree that hangs over our fence from the neighbor’s yard.

It always shocks me how quickly summer ends here.

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Nothing Happening

(“It’s all confusion, all illusion. . .” –Ben Kweller, Nothing Happening, which is now going to be playing in my head all night. Sigh.)

So I’m dilating, just a bit, and softening a lot, but not enough to stay in Paradise and have a baby tonight.

So pray for Thursday, when my parents could come, and Jason will have a three day weekend, and Ella would have a nice, round birthdate. Or anytime this weekend. Or now. Whenever.

In the meantime I’m going to quit trying to hurry things up. I’d like to forget about the whole thing and be really surprised when my water breaks suddenly. That would be fun.

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Feeding Larks

Thomas Kent: And her voice? Like lark song?

Will: Deeper. Softer. None of your twittering larks.

Shakespeare in Love


Twittering larks now forming, column right.

Guest post & Twitter fix by Jason

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