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Tap, tap, tap. . .

Still no internet. Jason thinks he knows what the problem is now, but the CD-RW wouldn’t work to reinstall, so I’m still waiting. Sigh.

Jonah is getting impatient for a brother. This morning he said, “I’ve asked you three times now to GET a baby brother in your tummy!” I’m feeling a little bit tempted. But only a little. There’s still that little matter of surgery and narcotics to resolve first, anyway.

Jason came home giddy from his inauguration into his new position. He’s so ready for this it’s almost laughable. He laughed a lot. And jumped. Manly jumps.

We had our second official day of school today. I’m still a little weirded out that someone gave me lesson plans for my own kids (which was so not in the brochure). Our educational specialist is still adjusting to the concept of parents as teachers. She taught public school for 42 years, so it’s a bit of a switch for her to be a parent resource instead of a direct educator. Being the non-confrontational, perfectionist, goody-two-shoes that I am, I feel compelled to work through all her lesson plans for the week, and expand on them, just to show that I can, which makes me wonder whether this charter school thing was a good idea. I have a feeling, though, that after a few more days of state-prescribed education, I’ll be too antsy to even concern myself over what she might think. And then we can get back to business as usual.

And now I must go home and read Lord of the Rings to my giddy husband. Until he snores.


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Catsup Soup

I still don’t have internet. I’m typing this on stolen minutes at the church iMac, while my husband bathes kids (I hope).

Tonight Jason will reinstall our operating system. If that works, I’ll be back online tomorrow.

Jason got a giant leap of a promotion at the court. Can I get a Hallelujah? He’s now the Administrative Assistant/Analyst for the CEO. It’s a newly created position, and sometime I hope to tell you the cool story of how it fell into place, but I am on borrowed time at the moment.

Today is Jonah’s fourth birthday.

Jonah: Now that I’m four, I can play real baseball.

Jonah: Now that I’m four, I can pour my own milk at breakfast.

Jonah: Now that I’m four, I can pump my legs on the swing.

Jonah: Now that I’m four, I don’t talk like a little kid. (Pronounced, “I don’t talk wike a widdle kid.”)

The girls have decided to throw a royal ball for their birthday next month. They will be six.

Their textbooks from the charter school are all second-grade level.

I love their educational specialist. She and her husband planted a church in Janesville way back when. She said, “All these hippies kept coming through town, so we took them into our house and loved on them, and they came to the Lord and became a church.” It’s still there.

I’m going to turn 28 next month, and it really freaks me out. After that I’ll be 29, and after that my age becomes unmentionable. (shudder)

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And the Weather

Oh, and it’s August, so it’s getting cold. Mostly at night. But even in the daytime you can feel the fall creeping in. I’ve never lived in a place where August was cooler than July. In fact, the hottest days in Southern California usually come along in September and October, when the Santa Anas are blowing. I think I prefer Westwood summers. Short and sweet.

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Quick! Catch Up!!

Well, I have one afternoon of child-sitting in which to peruse the vast tomes of the internet. But I’ll probably just read the blogs I normally read and delete junk mail and maybe check Myspace and Facebook (yeah, I got sucked into those recently).

Jason is diligently seeking out the source of our computer woes. No luck yet. But he has an interview for an awesome job with his current employer on the 21st, so pray! He would be so good at it. And we could pay off student loans. Wouldn’t that be loverly?

I’ve enrolled the girls in a charter school, which will provide whatever curriculum I want free of charge. They offer hands-on science classes a few times each month, and art, and music, and field trips, none of which are cumpulsory. And we only have to meet with the educational specialist as often as we wish. I’m thrilled about it. Originally I shied away from the charter schools, because the one here in town is terribly rigid and controlling, and they basically do public school education from a distance, which was the last thing I wanted.  But Plumas is completely hands-off. They just give you what you need and leave you alone. So nice.

Fred (the betta fish) is still alive, despite a few botched attempts on his life, mostly by Naiah. Jonah came to me one afternoon, while I was reading, and said, “Mommy, if Naiah eats Fred, I think we should go to the jungle and get a monkey for a pet.” So I ran to the kitchen, where I discovered an empty jar of betta food and a black fish bowl.  When I plopped Fred into a clean bowl to wash his tank, he tried to escape down the sink drain, but I thwarted him. Poor Fred. So far Naiah hasn’t actually tried to eat him. As far as I know.

Anna and Sarah were in a “real play” on Sunday, with Theatre for Youth. They were part of several puppet shows, a magic trick (Twinicus Appearicus), and sang a duet a cappella. The highlight for them was that they got to wear white gowns and make-up. Not to mention the fact that they had an audience made up of total strangers. Honestly, I don’t know where I got such hams.

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Technical Difficulties

My computer won’t tap into the internet at the moment. (Apparently because of a mischievous little cable in its belly.) I miss you, internet people.

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Explore, explore, explore!

My clone.

Happy hiker Jonah.


I have no idea.



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I don’t know where my head is, but it’s not here. Between trying to get the house under control, thoughts of switching houses, reading lots of fiction, revolutionizing my eating habits, starting a new school year, etc., I’m a little lost. And blogging just doesn’t seem to make sense to me right now.

But I saw the family doctor today. She basically left it up to me as to whether I schedule surgery now, or wait to see if it all just goes away– or turns dangerous. I would rather have a planned surgery than an emergency surgery, I suppose. Although it was kind of fun last time, when the doctors acted so very serious and concerned, and said, “Well, we think it’s your appendix, and it looks like we’ll have to do emergency surgery.” I laughed so hard. I kept hearing that line from Madeline in my head, “‘Nurse!,’ he said, ‘It’s an appendix!'” It’s just not as thrilling when it’s all planned. Where’s the spontanaety in that? Maybe I’ll just keep my gall bladder until I lose all the weight I’d like to lose, and then if it’s still annoying me, I’ll have it removed. Unless it explodes first.

Oh, and the girls are in Theatre for Youth this year at the park. Anna said, “I love it more than baseball! And a little less than batting.” But Sarah said, “I love it just as much as batting!” Which is saying something. Their performance takes place on Sunday, August 12th.

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