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The Monster vs. The Beast

The other night, we were straightening the living room together. Jonah, ever the master decorator, neatly lined up four of his monster trucks on the woodstove. By the time we noticed, it was too late.

May they rest in peace.


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Frosty the First

He had an icicle nose and leafy eyes, but Jonah ate them. Well, just the nose, really. I don’t think he ate the leaves. I hope not, anyway.

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A Christmas Story

The kids have been obsessing over the movie A Christmas Story, otherwise known as, “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!”

Bet you can’t guess what they want for Christmas now. (Or maybe you can.)

Anna wants a pink one. Sarah wants a rainbow one. Jonah wants a blue one.

What have I done?

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Princess Lib

Anna: We’re the princesses, and Jonah’s the bad guy! And he’s going to take us away! But the prince will save us!

Sarah: What? NO! We can do that ourselves!

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Leftovers, Hong Kong Style

Do you know what my husband did with our turkey last night?

He pulverized it in the food processor with fresh ginger and garlic and scallions.

Then he folded it elegantly into wanton wrappers and made a glorious wanton soup.

Mind you, we never once saw a turkey the entire time we lived in China, or anywhere else in Southeast Asia.

But if there were turkey, this is what they would do with it.

Sometimes that guy actually lives up to his IQ.

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And Also a Link

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The Title of the Song

I’m too sick to blog. [hack] [cough] [phlegm] [owie]

So, in honor of Monty Python, now for something completely different.

The essence of the boy-band love song. Enjoy.

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