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Papa and Jonah spent some guy time at the creek today, with very tasty results!





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I Ran a 5K!

And it was fun! And I finished almost two minutes faster than I thought I would! And I beat my previous best! And it’s official!

Now I need another race to write in on my calendar so I have something new to train for!

Jason took pictures. I don’t like pictures of me, generally. Especially sweaty ones with no make-up. But I’m allowing it this once.



This was my time:


A little under 12 minutes per mile! That’s fast for a slowpoke like me!

Afterward the kids, Jason, my parents and I walked around Scheels, rode the ferris wheel, shopped for trail runners, ate lunch at Fuddrucker’s, and made the obligatory Costco run. It was a full, fun day, and I felt very blessed to be healthy and surrounded by people I love.

And now to bed. My parents are here all week, and we plan to do plenty of porch-sitting and lake walking. Happy Sunday to all!

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Skater Party!

Well, we ate too much and got a little rowdy and celebrated Mr. Jonah, the six-year-old.

Jonah spent the day reveling in his six-ness:

  • “I feel tall to the ceiling!”
  • “I’m riding in the front seat today!”
  • “I’m going to walk to the church and back! By myself!” (It’s next door.)

Apparently SIX is a very big deal, indeed.

And bonus! He got some finger skateboards from Grammie and Papa, and a breakfast visit from them! (They’re visiting a nearby retreat center at the moment.) And he got a toy drum machine from the Franklin’s! Which apparently was the OTHER thing he always wanted! And he finally got to ride his skateboard for the first time!




And this is my attempt at a skateboard cake. I stand by it. My mom can perfectly ice tiered wedding cakes with pedestals, fountains, and perfect icing roses. I am not my mother. Sometimes it would be nice if I were more like her. This is one of those times.


Happy birthday, Jonah. I hope the rest of Year Six is just as thrilling. 🙂

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A Mathematical Story

Once upon a time there was Zero. He said nothing.

— Jonah, age 5

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Oh no no. . .

Ella, aka the 11-month-old, can now open the front and back doors.

Oh, help.

I think we might have to replace these handles with knobs.

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This boy is going to be six. In less than a week. Suddenly he seems more like a little man than a baby.

I set out to take a picture of the dirt on his cheeks, but Jonah was into it today for some reason, and we ended up with some decent shots, dirt and all. I didn’t even pose him or anything! So I’m making this the official birthday set.

Happy sixth, only, lonely boy. We love you much.





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Last night, around midnight, I sneak past Ella’s crib and climb in bed.

Ella: HEY!

Me: Nigh-night, Ella.

Ella: Oh.

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