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What Gives?!

Since when do tee ball games get called for thunderstorms in California?

I mean, I like the rain, but seriously? Our season is short enough with all the late snow as it is!


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The Last Napper

Naiah (age 3) still conks out. Every afternoon. Wherever she happens to land.


Someday I’ll be out of nappers.


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May Showers

Instead of snow for Memorial Day, as we’ve had in the past, yesterday brought a random downpour. Thankfully it waited til we were done grilling.

And Oh, the cobbler. Needed salt. But Oh, the cobbler!


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Manual Labor

Looks good on ya.

Near the back alley this morning:


And this afternoon:


It’s small, but dude. It’s about all I could handle today.
Behold, my snot runneth black. And lo, the accursed rocks did not prevail!

Here’s a closer shot. Needs more topsoil.


And a tulip:


And the lilac:


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This is my lunch today:


It’s very happy. But where is the peanut butter? The bacon? The exorbitant amounts of salt and butter?

I’ve decided to break with my Southern heritage. At least when it comes to eating.

You know those silly little quizzes that are splattered all over Facebook?

I took one called, “Which Food Network Personality Are You?”

You know what the result was?

Paula Deen.

I know Facebook quizzes are not to be taken seriously. But there was truth in it! I DO use four pounds of butter a month. And I DO go through an entire bag of white flour in weeks.

And while I adore Paula Deen and her pie crust and her gentility, I don’t want my cooking or my eating habits to be associated with someone who wraps macaroni and cheese in bacon and deep fries it.

I just don’t.

So I finally reached a turning point, and made the decision to get off the road to heart failure. Which is easier said than done, of course.

I joined SparkPeople.com for support, and after reading a lot of articles from their site, I’ve come up with the following plan, subject to modification as needed.

1. Keep track of my calories and nutrition daily. (They have a nutrition tracking program on the site.) This prevents me from telling myself I still have room for that half-pint of Haagen Dazs.

2. Walk, yoga, or play outside daily.

3. Measure progress weekly.

4. Journal and watch for perfectionistic/fatalistic attitudes. (I tend to convince myself that anything I can’t do perfectly shouldn’t be done at all. I’m fun!)

The SparkPeople site is also for those who have already established healthy lifestyles and would like to work on smaller health goals. But their biggest success has been with those who want to establish healthy routines for the first time, which leads to weight loss, but doesn’t end in weight loss.

It combines social networking, blogging, and help from fitness/nutrition/psychology experts. Pretty helpful so far.

If anyone wants to join me, I’ll email a link to my page. We can make our own group!

You can tell me what to make with blackberries, besides cobbler.

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Third Graders

I’ve got two of them.

The girls finished their math books today.


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It seems kind of insulting that Ella wants to hold her sippy cup while she’s nursing.

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