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Super Hungry

Well, I am without excuse. My husband went and figured out how to upload photos with Linux. I guess he’s now officially the man.

Now, can anyone tell me how to change my profile photo?


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They Grow Up So Quickly

Hashish please.”
— Naiah, 15 months.
We think she meant ‘candy,’ which her siblings were eating at the time.

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Magic Kingdom

On the Disneyland parking tram, at the end of the day.

Grammie: Well, Anna, which ride did you like best?

Anna: I loved the rockets!

Sarah: I liked the teacups.

Jonah: I love the tram.

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Meet and Greet

Tonight, we’re working with some old friends from college, as well as our new friends in town, to expand our borders.

It’s the church’s first ever block party.

The teenagers are passing out hundreds of fliers; the women are preparing mounds of potato salad, hamburgers, hot dogs, cookies, etc.; the band is on its way; and my husband is so excited I wouldn’t be surprised to see him do a back flip.

What’s thrilling me is how the teenagers, who are almost all brand-new believers, are showing a strong, new desire to see their friends and families come to know God. Two of the girls were over at our house yesterday, with their hands full of fliers, telling me all about their cousin, and their concerns and hopes for her to know Christ, as they do now. They’ve been talking with her about it during her visit here. (If you knew how these girls talked and acted a couple months ago, you’d be flabberghasted too.) They’re hoping she’ll show up tonight, and talk to me.

So we could use your prayer tonight. Much of the community thinks we’re the same stodgy, old church that used to inhabit our building five years ago. We want people to see the new things God is doing in town, and have fun, and feel loved and welcome.

So pray the the band rocks out, and that the food is good and plenty, and that people see God in us.

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And We’re Back, Mostly

Here’s what we did:

Saturday: Drive twelve hours to Ojai. Sleep.

Sunday: (A.M.) Hang out with everybody at the Ojai church; Get challenged to spend our lives on “the least of these.” (P.M.) Jason shares about what’s happening in the church plant– for ONE HOUR. And nobody walked out. Wow.

Monday: Catch up with close friends over coffee and sugar. Catch up with another good friend during a hair cut, which prompts everyone who sees me to say, “Whoa. . .” and ten seconds later, “You cut your hair. . . ” and ten seconds later, “It looks cute.” (Yes, it’s short, and I love it. It reminds me of college.) Go out for Thai food with my family, trying to forget it’s my birthday. Shop for quilt fabric, for an “I Spy” boy quilt. So fun!

Tuesday: Disneyland! All day. John and Cristin (brother and sister-in-law) bring their seven-month-old, Caleb, who is an angel the entire day. Anna, Sarah and Jonah have a blast, make no complaints, and don’t even seem tired. We stay till closing time.

Wednesday: Buy the girls a guitar for their fifth birthday. Have a burgers-and-cake party in the back yard with a few friends. Eat dinner at church and watch a Beth Moore video for the first time with the women. (We’ll be doing her Breaking Free study here next month.) Love it.

Thursday: Say good-bye, load up, and drive twelve hours back to the mountains.

Friday: Try to clean house and bake for the block party. Become violently ill, worse than I have ever felt, except when I was pregnant with twins. Oh, happy thought.

Today: BLOCK PARTY! Must bake!

I can’t wait to catch up with all of you. I’ve been having withdrawals.

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